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Measure CC was approved by over 71%!
Thank you to the 23,400+ San Mateans who voted YES on Measure CC!
Measure CC will benefit everyone because we all rely on critical services like fast responses to 911 emergencies, funding for parks, and infrastructure, as well as investments in affordable housing, equity and sustainability.
We thank our community and coalition of supporters including Democrats, friends in labor and public safety, business and environmental justice leaders, neighborhood associations and developers for taking part in something great! We will continue working together to advance the vision of San Mateo as a vibrant, livable, diverse and healthy community that respects the quality of its neighborhoods, fosters a flourishing economy, is committed to equity, and is a leader in environmental sustainability.

Save San Mateo City Services - Yes on Measure CC Committee

Co-Chairs Rich Hedges and Councilwoman Amourence Lee

Treasurer Noelle Chard

Susan Manheimer, Michael Nash, Cheryl Angeles, Angela Solis, 

Drew Corbett, Samantha Weigel

  Vote YES on Measure CC! 

We need to expand funding to improve the critical City services that make San Mateo a great place to live, work and raise a family. Measure CC will ensure the City can:

  • Maintain parks, open space and recreation facilities, including courts, fields and playgrounds.

  • Fix potholes and improve local streets and infrastructure. Improve sidewalks, bike lanes and intersections to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety.

  • Provide quick response to 9-1-1 emergencies. Provide police and crime prevention services and maintain emergency medical and fire protection services.


  Won’t Raise Your Taxes

This will not impact your taxes! Only properties sold or transferred for $10 million or more will pay a modest, one-time 1% tax increase. This tax is expected to impact less than 1% of property sales in the City and generate an estimated $5 million annually.


✔  Address Unmet Needs

The City has implemented a number of fiscal sustainability measures to reduce expenses during the pandemic and although we are emerging from the pandemic in a relatively good financial position, there continues to be unmet demand for infrastructure and service enhancements. There are $300 million in unfunded capital improvements, including $90 million in recreation facilities needs. Funding is still needed for library enhancements, sustainability initiatives, repaving streets, and service enhancements to address homelessness and prevent crime. 


The City plans to spend down Rainy Day Reserves over next 5 years just to maintain core services. Measure CC will help improve our quality of life and make sure we address our service needs.

  Strong Polling Data

This general tax to support City services requires a simple majority (50% + 1 vote) to pass. In May, a voter opinion survey predicted a 61% probability of success if the tax increase applied to lower-value property sales. However we still need to educate voters and need your support!


  Everyone Benefits, But Few Pay

This tax is only paid by property sales of $10 million or more. This is a change to the existing real property transfer tax, which is not an annual tax, and 99% of property sales will NOT be impacted by this tax increase.


The current 0.5% flat rate has been in place since the 1970s and the City Council is asking voters to approve a new tiered structure with a modest 1% increase paid when a property is sold or transferred for $10 million or more. This will be comparatively lower than other Charter Cities with tiered structures: Richmond taxes sales $10M+ at 3%; San Francisco taxes sales between $10M and $25M at 2.75%; Berkeley taxes sales over $1.5M at 2.5%. Learn more!


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✔ San Mateo Leaders for Measure CC! 

Rick Bonilla


Claire Mack

Former Mayor

Joe Goethals

Former Mayor

Maureen Freschet

Former Mayor

A. Lee Headshot bw.jpg
Amourence Lee


Michael Nash

San Mateo United Homeowners Association

Cliff Robbins


San Mateo Parks & Recreation Foundation

Ken Chin

Former President
San Mateo - Foster City School Board

Rich Hedges

Vice President

Neighborhood Watch Board

Cheryl Angeles


San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce

Alexis Lewis

Executive Board

San Mateo Branch NAACP 

Susan Manheimer

Retired Chief

San Mateo Police Department

Sheila Canzian

Retired Director

San Mateo Parks & Recreation Department

Lew Cohen


B Street Book Store

Brian Kelly

Retired Chief 

San Mateo Fire Department

Jerry Hill, Ret. Senator & Mayor of San Mateo | Jack Matthews, Former Mayor of San Mateo | Chelsea Bonini, San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee | Noelia Corzo, Former President San Mateo-Foster City School Board | Nicole Fernandez, Chair Emeritus, San Mateo County Democratic Party | Alison Proctor, President San Mateo-Foster City School Board | Shara Watkins, Former President San Mateo Foster City School Board


Gloria Brown, Founder, Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council | Sarah Fields, Parks & Recreation Commissioner & Peninsula Multifaith Coalition Board | Matthew Franklin, President & CEO MidPen Housing Corporation | Mareva Godfrey, Marina Lagoon Association | Gustavo and Jesica Hornos, Co-owners of Motion Arts Center | Michelle Hudson, Co-Leader, San Mateo Climate Action Team | Adam Loraine, Sustainability & Infrastructure Commissioner | Chris Massey, Chair Parks & Recreation Commission | | Raayan Mohtashemi, Team Lead, Move San Mateo | Thomas Morgan, Sunnybrae Neighborhood Association President | Kimi Narita, Sustainability & Infrastructure Commissioner | Adam Nugent, President Home Association of North Central San Mateo | Jerold Nugent, Chair, Community Relations Commission | Christine Padilla, Executive Director, Build Up San Mateo County |  Rob Newsom, Vice-President Sunnybrae Neighborhood Association | Annie Tsai, President, San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation | Robert Whitehair, Co-Leader, San Mateo Climate Action Team | Brad Wiblin, Executive Vice President Development Bridge Housing | Heather Wolnick, Vice-Chair, San Mateo General Plan Subcommittee

*Titles and affiliations are for informational purposes only.


Friends of Caltrain

Greenbelt Alliance

Harvest Properties

Home Association of North Central San Mateo

Lane Partners

One San Mateo

Peninsula Democratic Coalition 


San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce

San Mateo County Central Labor Council

San Mateo Consolidated Firefighters Association

San Mateo County Democratic Party

San Mateo County LatinX Democratic Club

San Mateo Police Officers' Association 

San Mateo Daily Journal

San Mateo United Homeowners Association 

Sierra Club
SSEIU Local 521

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Windy Hill Property Ventures 

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